What Corporate Compass does:


  • Interactive leadership/management/employee training workshops.
  • Assessments, to include emotional intelligence testing and coaching. 
  • Resume and interview workshops for career success.
  • Success Coaching (Individual Sessions).
  • Coaching in public speaking and presenting.
  • Keynote speaking for corporate events.

What Corporate Compass Doesn't do:

 Offer legal advice to organizations or employees. 

Dr. Kitty Brandal is an experienced independent trainer who has been training and teaching for over 25 years.  She is the President of Corporate Compass Training and Development located in Sandusky, OH. 

She taught various courses during her career in the U.S. Navy. She has also designed curriculum and interactive workshops for business classes in higher education and the corporate sector.  Dr. Brandal earned a doctorate degree in Organizational Management and Leadership. 

Some of her clients include Wal-Mart, Bowling Green State University, U.S. Tsubaki, Firelands Regional Medical Center, City of Elyria, Lake Erie Shores and Islands, several manufacturing companies, non-profit agencies, and government organizations.

Kitty served 15 years in the United States Navy and is an award-winning speaker with Toastmasters International. She also enjoys stand-up comedy and has performed at The Improv Comedy Club in Cleveland, Ohio.  She likes to incorporate humor into her training programs too!

The following are some of the classes, seminars and workshops she has designed and/or taught over the years:



Diversity/Equal Opportunity


Conflict Management

Emotional Intelligence


Creativity and Innovation


Power Presenting and Public Speaking

Business Etiquette


Project Management

Group Dynamics

Organizational Behavior

Customer Service

Human Resource Development   ​

Learning is not a linear process.  Sharing knowledge and creating webs of knowledge is not a linear process. Training isn’t about offering information for the sole question of “What?”  We have to touch the heart to touch the mind and take the time to answer the question of “Why?" Learning is emotional.  People tend to comprehend new concepts when they are emotionally engaged in the matter.   We must entice people to seek out new knowledge in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.  Making it fun is always nice too! I really enjoy bringing humor into my workshops!  

Some companies don’t schedule training programs for their employees because they don’t think it works. Some training doesn’t work; however, other variables must be considered when training has failed.  First, the company needs to look inward to identify if they inspire a culture of learning and if they are offering training and development topics that are not just mandatory - - but, are appealing to employees.  Then, look outward at the training.  Ensure that the people who are training your employees are knowledgeable, experienced, well-spoken, value confidentiality, and are passionate about the topics they are sharing.    


Corporate Compass Training does not promise to change your organization and employees.  Some change management experts contend that it takes 10 years for true deep change.  Rather, Corporate Compass Training is an educational resource for your company and partners with you to inspire openness, inclusiveness, and emotion management. 

I don’t want employees to dread training and look at it like it’s a chore.  My training approach is engaging….and high energy!   I am an award winning speaker with significant knowledge and experience in leadership, public speaking, diversity management, and emotional intelligence...and I am committed to building strong webs of knowledge with organizations who are dedicated to developing their teams.


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