Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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One attribute that all employees need to have is being able to adapt to change – especially the management team.  Change can create anxiety, chaos, and even fear.  Those feelings are normal.  Yet, while we will experience uneasiness during change, we know that we need to move forward anyway.  

Topics for discussion:

The challenge with change
Why people resist change/Fear of change
Management responsibilities
Don’t resist resistance!
The brain and change
How to manage fear and resistance
Emotional management during change
Multiple exercises

Organizational change is constant – and that can be a good thing!  Yet, many people react to change with denial, resistance, frustration, and they may even disengage.  As a change leader, the ability to help people overcome their inertia and get onboard with new initiatives is critical to success.  This program is also for employees who are not in management.  They are typically the people who carry out the change.  They will need to take on a leadership role to hold themselves and others accountable during the change process as well as become catalysts and encouragers.  

Be a Champion of Change!