Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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Chill Skills:

Stress Management

for Busy People

It doesn’t matter where you are from in this world, your socioeconomic status, what your gender is, or even your religious preference, we are all susceptible to stress.  Stress is a universal and naturally occurring phenomenon.  This no-nonsense interactive workshop will heighten your awareness to the threats of stress and why it’s important to take control of it immediately.  Plus…we’ll have some fun!

Topics for discussion:

The shocking truth about stress: What’s happening to you right now?
Your default behavior
Good vs. bad stress
Dealing with toxic people
Humor and stress management
Your chemistry:  How your brain works and how to manage it
Chill skills: Learn and practice a variety of effective stress coping and stress reduction strategies.
Multiple exercises
You might be a business owner or senior leader who is wearing more hats than you can count, or you might be a mid-level manager or front-line team member juggling multiple deadlines (and dealing with family).  Without the skills necessary to manage stress and emotions – performance suffers (so does your health)!  We cannot eliminate stress, but we can use our coping skills and emotional intelligence to manage it.