Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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This workshop is a combination of the Communication Workshop and Conflict Management Workshop.  While it’s recommended to take each of those workshops by themselves, some companies prefer to combine them.

Topics for discussion:

Difficult people: We are all difficult
Develop new neural pathways in the brain for better communication and conflict management.
Passive/Aggressive/Emotionally Intelligent Communication
Words that promote conflict
Checking assumptions
The Conversation Plan and Conversational Sequence
Deflecting and redirecting a conversation
The psychology of motivation
Multiple exercises

The purpose of this workshop is to enhance the success of your staff communicating at work by providing participants with practical skills, awareness, and tools needed by employees at all levels.  We all need to collaborate, facilitate, and motivate people in the workplace.  This is true even if you aren’t in a leadership position.  A significant outcome of this workshop is that participants will have the means to better relate to each other even during difficult situations. We will discuss logical (and psychological) ways to communicate with each other, especially during turbulent times.