Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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This workshop is based on the workplace environment, yet it has helped many people at a personal level.  This workshop will entice you to question yourself…what you know about conflict…and how you have typically managed conflict in the past. 

Topics for discussion:

Causes of conflict in the workplace (Healthy and damaging conflict)
Importance of resolving conflict
Courage and self-esteem
Methods of conflict resolution
Active listening and responding
What to do and not do during conflict
Multiple Exercises

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace.  Many people simply try to avoid it.  Others become frustrated because they don’t know what to do about it.  Even though you can’t see it on the financial reports, conflict is very costly.  This workshop will cover detrimental conflict and offer ideas to mitigate difficult circumstances.  Interactive exercises are used so that participants gain a greater understanding of conflict.  Additionally, one very important consideration about this workshop is that the positive aspects of conflict in the workplace will be brought to light. This can entice people to look at conflict - - as an opportunity.     


Conflict is Inevitable; Combat is Optional