Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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This is a highly interactive workshop.  Creative thinking leads to innovative ideas.  Even people who don’t think they are creative can learn to use their logical senses to stimulate their creativity and generate creative ideas from other people too.

Topics for discussion:

Why creativity in the workplace?
But I’m not creative! Your default language
Brain chemistry and creativity
Idea generation tools and Mind Mapping
Problem solving activities
Multiple Exercises

This workshop is for all levels of employees and it’s an interactive and innovative workshop that helps individuals and teams develop and sharpen their creative thinking and problem-solving ability.  Participants will work on solving fun and challenging brainteasers and problems.  Additionally, barriers to creativity will be discussed along with how to think more creatively.  This is a very interactive workshop that is fun, educational, and insightful.  Participants can take these ideas back to their teams and use them to solve problems or for idea generation.

Creative and

Innovative Thinking

at Work