Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

Contact Phone:  +1.4192395732

This program is absolutely necessary for all people (managers or frontline staff) working with customers. 

Topics for discussion:

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
The customer-centric attitude
Behavioral Patterns
Enhancing your empathy and empathic listening
Developing optimism through personal motivation
Managing stressful situations/conflict
Developing a mantra
Multiple exercises

The purpose of this workshop is to leverage emotional intelligence while working with customers.  Employees with high emotional intelligence have the ability to understand and control their emotions even in the most challenging situations.  This helps to increase sales, work more efficiently, and become stronger leaders.  Customer loyalty will depend on how a customer feels when they interact with an employee.  Emotional intelligence is a key factor in how employees connect and maintain relationships with customers. This workshop is for all levels of employees who interact with customers.