Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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This program does not attempt to change anyone. Core values and beliefs cannot be changed in a training workshop.  It’s simply a session that offers ideas on how to manage yourself in the workplace in regards to differences between people.  Perception checking is very important. 

Your job and credibility are at stake.  One of the goals of this workshop is to make sure that people keep their job!  Knowing what appropriate behavior is in the workplace will help you maintain your employment and your dignity.    

Full Day Session = Six Hours.
Half-Day Session = Three Hours:
{Everything listed below is offered in a full day session}

Why diversity training?
Leadership and diversity
What diversity is and what it is not
Difference between EEO and diversity
Labels. Patterned thinking
EEO laws: What you need to know
Gender diversity at work, ability/disability - ADA and diversity, and generational diversity (A separate two-hour workshop can be completed on this topic: “Generation Motivation”)
Multiple Exercises

The full day workshop will cover all areas shown above along with several interactive exercises. The three-hour workshop is modified to fit your concerns and needs. This workshop discusses both diversity and equal opportunity but leans more toward diversity concepts because research shows that is where the real growth and development stems from.  However, a great deal of litigation regarding EEO has plagued the United States for decades; therefore, it’s important that employees have an overview of specific EEO laws.  This training has the propensity to significantly open the lines of communication between employees and create a very powerful connection between people at work.  It can also help mitigate costly legal issues.  This workshop can be designed for your specific needs.

​Diversity and Perception Checking