Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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The Power of YOU!

This is one of the best workshops for leaders and for people who want to move into a leadership position.

Topics for discussion:

Overview of Emotional Intelligence 
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
The brain and Emotional Intelligence – emotional hijack
Practical ideas to help you manage your emotions
Practical ideas to help other people manage their emotions
How to increase Emotional Intelligence
Multiple Exercises

This interactive workshop is for every level of employee; however, it is most helpful for people in management positions.  Emotional intelligence is best described as the ability to understand and regulate your own emotions, recognize the emotions in others and help them manage their emotions, and how to make decisions based on your particular emotions.  Basically, it’s the ability to manage your emotions intelligently.  This training will cover those specific areas as well as provide information on how to increase your emotional intelligence over time.  This is an insightful, fun, and very educational course for people who are looking to positively impact their overall well-being and professional success.