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Generation Motivation!

 Age or Mindset?

This workshop is for every level of employee and will help managers understand their teams better.  It’s educational, relevant, and fun.

Topics for discussion:

Get to know the different generations in today’s workplace
Motivating strategies for different generations
Biases are normal human behavior
Techniques in managing your mindset at work
Discuss how generational differences impact communication and work preferences
Discuss the positive attributes that each generation brings to the table
Multiple exercises

Today’s workforce may be comprised of as many as four generations working side-by-side. Each generation has a unique mindset, work style, and way of communicating.  More than ever, the ability to understand and lead multi-generational teams is essential for managers. As employees and managers, we have to question our own thoughts when we have differences with other people who are older or younger than us…is the issue an “age” issue, or is it my personal mindset and beliefs?