Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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Leadership isn’t just for managers…it’s for all of us.  If you think that building trust, working as a collaborative team, and proactive communication are important, then you are probably a leader yourself.  These are all elements of good leadership.  But, leadership isn’t easy; it takes work.  This program is for front-line staff – for people who aren’t managers yet. 

Topics for discussion:

What is leadership….really?
Followership:  The first step in extraordinary leadership
Trust is a must!
YOUR professionalism = YOUR credibility
Multiple exercises

Leadership begins with “thyself”.  First, you need to lead yourself, before you can lead others.  Second, leaders need to have an open heart and an open mind.  Third, leaders have the ability to influence other people (co-workers, managers, community members, etc.) into a positive direction – but, this takes “deliberate emotional labor”.  Leadership skills are important to employees at all levels within an organization…it makes your team stronger, reduces drama, and has a positive impact on your physical and mental wellness. 

The Leader in You