Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

Contact Phone:  +1.4192395732

This program is for supervisors and managers at any level who evaluate and manage performance. This program will help you gear up to be the coach during a performance review. 

Topics for discussion:

Preparing for the meeting
How will you evaluate?
Write the performance review:  Rating scale
Common mistakes in this process
Tips about evaluating attitude and behavior
Feedback Methods
Managing reactions
Disagreement about the evaluation
Goal setting
Multiple exercises

Who loves doing performance reviews?  Most likely…nobody!  Yet, it’s one of the many productive coaching tools that can work if we use it right!  The ability to conduct productive performance evaluations is a learned skill. Even without specialized training, many evaluators can adequately communicate about concepts such as job responsibilities, skills and goal achievement. That’s because these are objective, easy to measure and discuss. 

A more daunting but crucial part of the performance review is the area of behavior assessment - - those subjective areas. As opposed to making those situations worse by choosing the wrong approach, or inflammatory wording, or simply bypassing those issues altogether, you (as the coach) can use your emotional intelligence training to address these issues.

The Performance Management Meeting: 

Be the Coach!