Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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This is not a customer service 101 workshop; this program centers around dealing with difficult customers.  It’s best to take the workshop called:  Customer Service with Emotional Intelligence before taking this program.

We will use the acronym S.L.A.P. as a humorous narrative to discuss what to do when dealing with customers who…well…you just want to slap!  Customers can be overly demanding, cruel, and even ask you to do things that are illegal.  However, because you are a representative of your company, you cannot allow yourself to treat them how they treat you. 

Why customers get upset and why it’s okay!
What superpower do YOU have?
How to rise above the negative emotional atmosphere created by a customer.
Managing service related stress.
Decide if you really need the business.

You are the leader; therefore, your challenge is to influence your customer into a positive or neutral direction.  Using the fun acronym of S.L.A.P., you will have a way to remember what to do during times of turbulence when dealing with people who are increasing your emotional thermostat!