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More than ever, it’s important for companies to have effective workplace harassment training and subsequent detailed guidelines for how to handle accusations. If companies are not prepared, they will be vulnerable to lawsuits, low morale, and decreased employee engagement. Additionally, not having proper training and procedures can create a breeding ground for workplace harassment, giving rise to employees feeling unsafe at work.  That doesn’t create an atmosphere that top-notch employees want to work in, and could have in impact on recruiting.   Even after all of the attention-grabbing headlines, sexual harassment continues to be an issue the workplace.  Some employees still behave inappropriately and others may overact to minor slights that don’t qualify as sexual harassment. Either way, when employees are engaging in unwelcome behavior, the company suffers! 

Topics for discussion:

The purpose of this type of training/awareness.
Define different forms of sexual harassment.
Is it sexual harassment?
What motivates people to harass others?
Facts about sexual harassment.
What does, “too sensitive” mean?
Creating a safe environment.
What to do if it happens to you.

Although some states do not specifically require it, training everyone in the organization can greatly reduce overall liability. Take advantage of this low-cost training option to provide training for all employees and further reduce your potential liability against workplace sexual harassment claims (and increase morale). 
Disclaimer: This program is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to convey Dr. Brandal’s position on behalf of any client, nor is it intended to convey specific legal advice.

Prevent Sexual Harassment:  

A Common-Sense Approach