Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

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Teamwork and Engagement

Since the ability to function effectively and maximize performance is crucial for any winning team, it is important for teams to align themselves, focus on how to truly develop as a team, and be positioned for long-term success. This workshop is best for groups of people who already work or volunteer together.  Teams become more acquainted at the “human” level.  This can significantly increase the value of each other while on the job. 

Topics for discussion:

Several engaging activities:  Most of the time is spent doing activities together
Vulnerability based trust
Creative brainstorming within a team
Group guided visualization
Participants will complete an assessment (based on number of attendees)
Multiple Exercises

This workshop is highly interactive.  Several methods are used in an attempt to bring people together.  This teamwork session engages employees, gets the conversation started…and, it’s fun!  There is also a purpose behind every activity that is completed in this session. Your team members will know more about themselves and have a deeper sense of each other when they leave.

While the concepts of teamwork can be taught in an educational environment, this special workshop energizes people on a deeper level so they can take that energy back to the workplace and keep the conversation going.  People who have gone through this workshop have indicated that it has helped them in their personal life too.  This is a very powerful session.