Dr. Kitty Brandal, President and Program Architect

Contact Phone:  +1.4192395732

Trust is personal. Everyone trusts differently. Trust helps teams openly engage in healthy conflict.  This workshop will discuss the psychology of trust and create a logical understanding of the concept.  We will also discuss why people have difficulty trusting others and how you can begin dissolving barriers to earn trust.

Topics for discussion:

Where does trust come from?
Creating a culture of trust
Trust breakers
Actions employees can take to build and maintain trust
Good governance and risk management
Transparency and responsiveness
Sincerity and trustworthiness
Active listening
Gossiping and manners
Multiple exercises

Essentially, this program can be the starting point to building strong relationships.  With trust, comes higher employee morale and better communication/conflict management.  In fact, experts agree that trust is the foundation to teamwork.  If trust is the foundation of the relationship, even when people disagree, trust will allow a team to professionally and respectfully agree to disagree.  This can also build strong bridges between the frontline staff and management.